Frequently Asked Questions

What regions do you currently service?

We currently provide our delivery service in 200+ cities across the Greater Toronto Area and Southwestern Ontario. Please get in touch with our team to discuss your specific needs.

What types of products do you deliver?

We focus on a range of products, including perishables such as flowers and meal kits, to other e-commerce products like clothing. We also deliver products with special delivery requirements such as alcohol and prescription medicine.

How are you different from other courier companies?

We strive to strike the perfect balance between technology and operations to provide the best delivery experience for our merchants, couriers, and customers.

Tell me more about your pricing.

We provide the most competitive pricing in the regions we operate in by leveraging our highly efficient proprietary routing algorithm. Our pricing will be customized for your business, depending on the origin and destination of your products as well as the average delivery volume of your business. Please get in touch with our sales team to learn more.

Can you handle enterprise-level volume?

Yes, absolutely! We work with merchants of all sizes, some of them enterprises. We also work with 3PLs that deliver a large volume of products on a daily basis. Our business model leverages a network of independent contractor courier partners, meaning we can easily scale up and down according to your needs.

Do you deliver single items?

While we do not do one-off deliveries, we can accommodate delivering single products on an ad-hoc basis for our existing merchant partners on an as-needed basis. The very competitive pricing we provide is based on our proprietary algorithm that takes all of your orders and routes them efficiently. Therefore, we recommend using other courier services for one-off deliveries.

Do you do on-demand (i.e. 1 hour or less) deliveries?

We are able to accommodate rush orders for our merchant partners, but our primary focus is on same-day, next-day, and weekly / monthly subscription deliveries. We are able to offer you very competitive pricing by combining multiple orders together. At the moment, we are not able to offer on-demand delivery.

When do I get paid?

We process courier partner earnings and payments on a weekly cycle every Monday, for the previous week (Monday - Sunday). While we process our payments on Mondays, there may be a slight delay on the receiving end depending on your banking institution.

How do I get paid?

We've partnered with Veem to process your weekly payments. Veem provides a quick and transparent payment process, so you can track where your payment is every step of the way - just like the products you help deliver are trackable on Tyltgo's website. If this is your first time delivering with Tyltgo, Veem will send you an email asking you to create an account with them. Please note that for your first payment via Veem, it may take a couple extra days due to setting up of your account as well as verifying your banking information.

Can I really set my own schedule?

Yes! Delivering with Tyltgo is 100% flexible. You can set your own hours, and you are free to reject any deliveries you do not want to do.

Do I need a cargo van to deliver with Tyltgo?

No, you can deliver with any type of automobile vehicle with proper insurance. We do ask that you keep your vehicle clean, tidy, and empty, so that you can fit as many goods into your vehicle (= more pay!) and keep them in mint condition throughout your delivery.

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