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Democratize shipping so that Canadian eCommerce businesses can grow faster and go further.

Tyltgo offers affordable customer-centric same-day and next-day shipping to small to medium businesses in Canada.
we are

Solving a massive problem

The global last mile delivery is projected to grow at an annual CAGR of 7.6% from US $32 billion in 2020 to US $53 billion by 2027.

Backed by YC and serial entrepreneurs

We are backed by Y Combinator and other serial entrepreneurs and world-class venture capitalists.

Mission to Serve Local Economies

We believe local merchants and the courier partners that serve them are the backbone of our community. We want to help them.

Growing Rapidly

We are experiencing unprecedented growth and are looking for stellar colleagues to join the team.

Join us on this journey!

As part of the Tyltgo team, you’ll be bringing something into the world that’s never existed before. For us to be successful, we need smart, mission-driven, and gritty people to join our team. Are you up for the challenge?

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The story so far.

Jul 2018
Tyltgo is founded.
feb 2019
Tyltgo launches B2C delivery market in Waterloo helping students get local goods.
oct 2019
Tyltgo launches new B2B delivery market
jan 2020
Tyltgo launches its courier app and expands outside of Waterloo to surrounding cities.
may 2020
Tyltgo is accepted into YCombinator's Summer 2020 batch.
jun 2020
Tyltgo expands to Toronto and the GTA.
JUN 2021
Tyltgo expands to Ottawa.

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